Travel Lite Owner Testimonials


“For me, I can sell the idea of this camper easily. The Rayzr is affordable, versatile, simple, and comfortable. It can be plugged into shore power, but as a self-contained unit that needs no hook-ups for several days, it can also be my comfort in a State or National Forest or cross-country trip. I can take it anywhere I can drive my truck. Read more about our Rayzr on our blog.” – Kiki and Scuba Dunigan


“I’m hugging my brand new Rayzr camper because I love it so much!   I want to give you my feedback on the camper.  It drove great!  I had no trouble on the freeways and crossing the Appalachians.  It handled like a champ.  I lost a mile or so per gallon, but not near as much as I expected.  I enjoyed packing my stuff in it – it had more space to stow my gear than it first appeared.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.” – Emily Huppert


“I took a look inside the Travel Lite campers and after that it was no turning back for me.  I had to have one of those campers.  I was very impressed with everything.  The Travel Lite is light, beautiful, has a lot of space and storage capacity and it fit on my truck.  The people at Travel Lite did a beautiful job.”  – Bjarni Thor Olafsson, excerpt from an article in Truck Camper Magazine

“Tom and I were amazed at the floor plan selection for half-ton trucks.” – Nancy and Tom Franklin, New Hampshire

“We got stuck for three days trying to get across Wyoming on our way home.  We saw some beautiful country and stayed warm in the camper at -10F.” – John and Pam H., Rapid City, South Dakota

“We are really pleased with the fit and finish of the Travel Lite.  It is everything we could ask for.  We downsized from a fifth wheel RV and this is really the way to go.” – Bud Waner


“Travel Lite was just what I needed.  The model I chose had just the necessities and was pleasantly decorated.” – Barbara Hartman, excerpt from an article in Truck Camper Magazine

“We toured the Travel Lite factory and were very impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail.” – Jim and Lucy S. Pearsall, Texas

“What a delight working with your company.”  – John Griffiths


“The Travel Lite struck us as a good overall package.  Our Travel Lite 890RX is just over 2,000 pounds and that includes a queen size bed.  The cabinetry is also nice and the camper was a really nice deal.” – Greg Gaskill, Travel Lite 890RX

“Our Travel Lite 690 went very well, not a thing broke or seam moved. It is like it came off the showroom floor now that we have given it a bath. It is airtight, not a speck of dust came in during travel over 1000s of kilometers of bull dust. We felt very secure even through the many creek crossings. Lot of people were very interested in it and how it was going on our trip and we were able to tell them that we had no complaints. We only paid for a few powered sites, the rest were unpowered or free camping. – Peter Walton, Australia, who traveled with his wife and dog to the unpaved roads of Cape York Peninsula


“My fiancé, Brenda, and I have a 2012 Travel Lite 890-SBRX.  At 2,050 pounds dry, the Travel Lite a perfect match for our 2012 GMC 2500.  When fully loaded, we have several hundred pounds of payload to spare.  Even better, we get about 11.5 miles to the gallon with the camper, and 15.5 miles to the gallon without.” – Dave Miller, excerpt from Truck Camper Magazine article

“Wow!  We have owned our new 2010 Travel Lite 960RX for over six months  and have traveled around Florida to the beaches and sightseeing.   What a convenience it is to park and travel.   We have always had travel trailers and motorhomes since 1977 and this rig beats them all.   There are the simple things like no towing, ease of fueling up, and parking in any restaurant lot where a car can park.   We highly recommend buying the extended cab-over and the seamless molded gel-coat front hood option.  We have put awnings on all of the windows and entry door making this rig an eye-catcher wherever we go.   The construction is really solid and having dual pane factory tinted windows is great if you are in the Florida sun or cold Pennsylvania weather.  We are happy campers!” – Bob and Linda Robinson, Pennsylvania